The Truth About Rejuvelix Advanced Anti-Aging, Does It Work?

I’ve been getting your requests for a couple months now and I’m finally going to deliver: It’s time to review Rejuvelix Advanced Anti-Aging wrinkle cream. I’m naturally skeptical of ANY product that claims it can reverse the signs of aging. A lot of the companies that sell these products seem like they’re just after our money, taking advantage of people desperate to hold onto their youth. A lot of you have been emailing me about this new anti-aging product to hit the market: Rejuvelix Advanced Anti-Aging, by Skin Research Institute. To be quite frank, I was expecting it to be […]

Lovely Skin Means Healthy Aging (How to Get Fabulous Skin over 40)

Did you know that cosmetic surgeries and chemical products for skin care are not the only solutions you have to get healthy-and-young-looking skin? If you were one of those women reaching pre-menopausal stage, you may be suffering from declining estrogen level in your body, leading to thinning out and losing of skin elasticity, something to notice on the sagging skin around the chest and neck. And because your skin also becomes insufficient in locking moisture, it suffers from uneven tone and dull appearance and feels drier and lifeless. These and more are some skin issues people in the middle years […]