Five Diet and Weight Management Tips for 40+

Does aging equate to weight gain? For many old adults, they tend reventutting on a pound per year when they reach 40, mainly due to lack of physical activity. Hormonal changes, which happen to shift your body composition, result to weight gain in the middle portion of the body, too. So, do you want to stay in shape in your 40s? Read on and learn of the best tips to manage weight and keep it ideal. Diet and Weight Management Tips for People Over 40 1. Consume fish: Studies say that the risk to heart disease increases after menopause, so […]

6 Most Important Numerical Indicators of Your Health

We all want to regain and maintain the health of our bodies, not only for ourselves but for our children and grandchildren who want to be present in their lives, and to keep us lucid and smiling as long as possible. The secret of a long and healthy life is prevention. A short list of indicators that help us supervise our health is provided below.   1.BMI – Body Mass Index (the amount of body fat a person carries) Obesity has been associated with heart problems and reduced brain function, doubling the risk of developing the mental disorders, such as […]

Old and Cunning Will Always Triumph Over Youth and Inexperience

About 15 years ago I began seeing t-shirts with the saying “Old and Cunning Will Always Triumph Over Youth and Inexperience” on them. Honestly, I didn’t think too much of it at the time except maybe to smirk. I was in my thirties and not old. To me that t-shirt was a sad way for some people to rationalize their situations. It’s funny what fifteen years will do to your perspective. In fact, now I couldn’t agree with that t-shirt more and even better, I have proof to back it up. I’ve always played basketball, mostly full court. To me […]

Importance of Exercise for 40+ and What Might Actually Help

Again, you don’t have to stop from exercise because it becomes more important at this stage associated with weakness and fatigue influenced by the lifestyle changes that come along with aging. During the middle years, your body becomes more prone to muscle mass loss and so you need to reverse its effects with exercises to strengthen various muscle groups. Aside from reversing the effects of loss in muscle mass, especially among men, exercise offers plenty of benefits, and some of those you’re going to find below. Benefits of Exercise for People Over 40 May Help With the Following Reduces risk […]