Five Diet and Weight Management Tips for 40+

Does aging equate to weight gain? For many old adults, they tend reventutting on a pound per year when they reach 40, mainly due to lack of physical activity. Hormonal changes, which happen to shift your body composition, result to weight gain in the middle portion of the body, too. So, do you want to stay in shape in your 40s? Read on and learn of the best tips to manage weight and keep it ideal. Diet and Weight Management Tips for People Over 40 1. Consume fish: Studies say that the risk to heart disease increases after menopause, so […]

These 9 Anti-Aging Herbs and Supplements Will Change the Way You See Beauty

There is never a shortage in terms of quests to living forever, at least to stay younger with flawless looking skin that never reveals true age. While a majority considers a long list of chemical and surgical anti-aging remedies, still a lot of men and women over 40 consider natural wonderful herbs and supplements, together with healthy lifestyle changes as solution to this long quest to live longer, with fairer and younger skin. To get started, here is a list of herbal supplements you may be missing to look young. Nine Herbs and Supplements for Younger-Looking Skin Turmeric, an herb […]

What Foods to Eat and to Avoid for People Over 40

Eating healthy becomes even more important as people age because they don’t only help you manage weight but also may reduce your risk of chronic illnesses associated with old age. Today, we’ve listed foods to eat and foods to avoid for people over 40 to help you plan your meals and incorporate these healthy foods into your diet. Foods to Eat for People Over 40 Almonds: Possessing the ability of lowering blood sugar levels, almonds are wonder foods to help you reduce risk to diabetes. They don’t only lower blood sugar, but they also help you combat against arthritis, cardiovascular […]

Diet For Memory

One of the not so great things about aging is that we are cut less slack by others and sometimes by ourselves. If you’ve forgotten something it’s not because you had a million things to do and it got lost in the shuffle, it’s because you’re old and old people are forgetful. First of all, that’s not true. Losing memory, isn’t a fact of life. It’s usually a sign of a serious illness like Alzheimer’s or dementia. Before anyone panics, forgetting where you put your keys isn’t Alzheimer’s. Forgetting what keys are is. Still, there are things we can do […]

9 Best Fruits For Healthy Skin

Fruits are often known for wonders in maintenance of body as well as keeping the system on the go. The fabulous packets of nature can help slow down the ageing process making you look all the younger, fit and firm, thanks to the impressive nutrients, phytochemicals, antioxidants and flavonoids present in them. So, here are 10 delicious ways to make that ageing clock stop ticking with the help of fruits for a fruitful outcome! 1. Pomegranate This beautiful packet of miracle seeds is a very rich source of riboflavin and complementary minerals that promote flawless skin by increasing its collagen; making […]

How To Choose The Best Calcium Supplements

Our bones are constantly changing, storing and removing the calcium that we provide to our body through our daily diet. The ratio between the calcium removal and its storage into the bones changes during our life. In childhood when our bones are growing, the calcium storage reaches the highest level; when we become adults, the two processes are flush, and after the age of 50 the calcium removal exceeds its storage and thus increases the risk of osteoporosis.   Calcium plays an important role in maintaining our bones, muscles and teeth healthy, and helps us prevent osteoporosis.   It is […]

Craving for Carbohydrates- Cuts Calories or Counts Calories ?

Aging is a part of the regular life cycle and weight watching comes with it. While many weight watchers are conscious about their intake of carbohydrates, others are totally confused. This is primarily because the sweet tooth never fades and keeps on tingling until it has to! What is so critical about a serving of croissant or candy or cake? Let’s us make it all a piece of cake today. Carbohydrates are basically groups of glucose; most common and abundant forms are sugars, fibers, and starches. Foods high in carbohydrates are not only an important part of a healthy diet […]