The Truth About Rejuvelix Advanced Anti-Aging, Does It Work?

I’ve been getting your requests for a couple months now and I’m finally going to deliver: It’s time to review Rejuvelix Advanced Anti-Aging wrinkle cream. I’m naturally skeptical of ANY product that claims it can reverse the signs of aging. A lot of the companies that sell these products seem like they’re just after our money, taking advantage of people desperate to hold onto their youth. A lot of you have been emailing me about this new anti-aging product to hit the market: Rejuvelix Advanced Anti-Aging, by Skin Research Institute. To be quite frank, I was expecting it to be […]

Anti-Aging Lifestyle Tips You Could Actually Use

No one can stop the time (and aging), but you can do something to feel and look younger now. For some, surgeries, expensive treatments or a stock of potions and lotions may be the answer but not exactly. Perhaps, you can forget about all these remedies and start looking young by examining your daily habits and making simple changes in your routines. Let’s check out today’s tips for some things you can do to achieve an anti-aging lifestyle! Anti-Aging Tips That Work for People 40+ Engage in physical activities (Pick something you love and everything follows—better motivation, enjoyment and interest). […]

Feel and Look Young with Beauty Secrets from Around the World

Where you come from does not really matter when it comes to aging because men and women all have the same goal—to feel and look younger, longer. And the best part of it all is that people from different countries have their anti-aging secrets to share with everyone, and some of them we’ve gathered below. Come and let’s take a tour. France French women aren’t only known for smart dressing, but also for their beautiful hair and skin. Starting at 10, young girls are trained to take care of their skin by applying sunscreen, cleansing, moisturizing and toning. And as […]

These 9 Anti-Aging Herbs and Supplements Will Change the Way You See Beauty

There is never a shortage in terms of quests to living forever, at least to stay younger with flawless looking skin that never reveals true age. While a majority considers a long list of chemical and surgical anti-aging remedies, still a lot of men and women over 40 consider natural wonderful herbs and supplements, together with healthy lifestyle changes as solution to this long quest to live longer, with fairer and younger skin. To get started, here is a list of herbal supplements you may be missing to look young. Nine Herbs and Supplements for Younger-Looking Skin Turmeric, an herb […]

Anti-Aging Rituals You Might Have Been Missing

Being asked of age may be one of the topics people have been trying to avoid because aging seems like a big deal that they don’t want to be asked of it at all. But you need not to hide or lie because you can actually do something to conceal how old you really are by tweaking your habits and routines. You know, little changes can go a long way! Check out today’s anti-aging tips that will keep everyone guessing what your real age is. Wear sunscreen protection Even in the winter, you should wear sunscreen to avoid the aging […]

Lovely Skin Means Healthy Aging (How to Get Fabulous Skin over 40)

Did you know that cosmetic surgeries and chemical products for skin care are not the only solutions you have to get healthy-and-young-looking skin? If you were one of those women reaching pre-menopausal stage, you may be suffering from declining estrogen level in your body, leading to thinning out and losing of skin elasticity, something to notice on the sagging skin around the chest and neck. And because your skin also becomes insufficient in locking moisture, it suffers from uneven tone and dull appearance and feels drier and lifeless. These and more are some skin issues people in the middle years […]

9 Best Fruits For Healthy Skin

Fruits are often known for wonders in maintenance of body as well as keeping the system on the go. The fabulous packets of nature can help slow down the ageing process making you look all the younger, fit and firm, thanks to the impressive nutrients, phytochemicals, antioxidants and flavonoids present in them. So, here are 10 delicious ways to make that ageing clock stop ticking with the help of fruits for a fruitful outcome! 1. Pomegranate This beautiful packet of miracle seeds is a very rich source of riboflavin and complementary minerals that promote flawless skin by increasing its collagen; making […]